Let us introduce ourselves…

Learn a little bit about our story, our headquarters, and our purpose!

We are SO glad you are here!

Party in My Pants is an independent, woman-owned business. All our cloth menstrual pads are handmade with love and care in Ashland, Wisconsin. Our team wears many hats: product, graphic, and web design, marketing, and, of course, sewing.

Meet our Founder, Luci

You may have seen Luci around with a yoga mat under her arm. She has been a Kundalini yoga instructor and student for years. Or you may know her from her work as a milliner, making hats under the name Alley Cat Hat Co.

Now, Luci Daum might not call herself a sewing prodigy, but what else do you call someone who learned to sew at just three years old, without even being able to read a pattern? Luci can create anything, from a skunk costume to a wedding dress. She is the brain and innovator behind the design of our pads.

In the ‘90s, Luci had a dilemma: allergic and irritated by uncomfortable, disposable menstrual products, she sat down at her sewing machine and made her first cloth menstrual pads. In the beginning, she tested her creations herself and then began to sew them for friends and family.  Some of her original testers still use PiMP pads today!

Wilmarth School in Ashland, Wisconsin

Party in My Pants calls the Wilmarth School home. The schoolhouse was constructed in 1891 in the late 19th and early 20th-century revival styles.

When Luci was just 18 years old, and making costumes at the Renaissance Fair in Minnesota, she heard that the historic building was in danger of being torn down. She drove to see it as soon as the fair ended, and started a year-long quest to save the schoolhouse from destruction.  

Wilmarth School is now on the National Register of Historic Places. We love it when people knock on the door to tell us they went to school here years ago!

Ashland is tucked into Chequamegon Bay on the sparkling waters of Lake Superior. During the winter months, Ashland is sleepy and low-key. However, during the summer it brims with tourists, organic produce for the farmer’s market, and eclectic local artists.

Zero-Waste Business

At Party in My Pants, we take our responsibility to the planet very seriously. That is why we recycle every scrap of cloth we don’t use in one of our designs. Cloth leftover from pad production goes on to create our Honeysuckles, and if we have any remaining material after that we donate it to local textile artists and quilters.

Everything down to our packaging is earth-friendly! We buy several natural or recycled packaging options for different-sized products. The tape we use is made from paper with natural rubber adhesive. Even the paper and the ink we print our coupons on is recycled paper and vegetable ink.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our passion. We are committed to getting you the best homemade, eco-conscious personal care products! Sign up for our emails to get exciting PiMP news and sales direct to your inbox!

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