How to Create A Cloth Menstrual Pad Starter Kit: A Primer

Don’t know where to start on your PiMP journey? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve noticed a surge in awareness of cloth menstrual pads lately. That is completely understandable, because in a world of uncertainty, it’s comforting to know your PiMP pad is waiting for you in your drawer. However, many of you are new *waves*. So, we want to give you a quick primer about what to expect (and what to buy!) if this is your first time at Party in My Pants. Even if you are a seasoned cloth menstrual pad enthusiast you might learn something, so pull up a chair.

Does PiMP offer starter kits to build your collection?

PiMP has stack and save codes that make creating your pad collection even easier and affordable. The more pads you buy, the more money you save at checkout. Some customers use our stack and save codes to stock up on dozens of pads! (Check out any of our sales pages for stack and save codes!)

Don’t forget a copy of Cycling: A Guide to Menstruation. It’s a well-researched mini book on everything from the history of menstrual products to modern day moon lodges. It empowers readers to feel confident about their bodies and their menstruation.

What advice do you have for someone switching to cloth menstrual pads from conventional products?

Welcome to the party! You are about to embark on a completely new menstrual experience. Instead of a dull, synthetic piece of waste, our comfy cotton pads are buttery soft and made with so much love and care. It’s also fulfilling to know that you aren’t clogging landfills with plastic and wrappers.

That’s not to mention our 65 plus different fabrics. How many times can you say that you’ve expressed your personality AND looked forward to your period?

But what about cleaning them? You need to soak them, right? They are not as hard to clean as you might imagine. Just a regular wash cycle will do! You’ll quickly see how the switch will save you time, mental energy, and money.

What size should I wear?

Glad you asked! It’s important to remember that this is a personal decision about what YOU find comfortable, not an exact science, but we have some suggestions

It seems that in recent years, online ordering has emboldened people to own their flow and buy larger pads.There is just something soothing about a larger pad—especially when it’s a super soft cotton or organic pad. 

That’s why our Large Pad is a perennial best-seller. And our new Delphi Pad sells out faster than we can sew more! It’s an innovative hybrid between the Large Pad and the Jetty Pad ample coverage in the front.Our Overnight Pad is generously absorbent to offer extra insurance for overnights, heavy flows, and postpartum, but remains surprisingly thin.

But if you are looking for something in between, the Medium Pad has got you covered, it’s the best of both worlds: coverage without the bulk and it’s a top seller to boot! And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the Bitsy Pad. For what it lacks in stature, it more than makes up for in magical absorbency.

That being said, liners are still crowd favorites for good reason, and we have plenty for you to try! If you dig the coverage of a Larger Pad, but are looking for a light day option, this Luxe Liner is for you! And our Mini Liners are perfect for daily discharge or as menstrual cup backups.

How many pads should I buy?

Once again, there isn’t a magic number. It depends on your flow and how much you like washing clothes. Some people really like doing laundry!

We find that some menstruators with heavier flows like to have about 15 pads (or more) in their collection, whereas someone with a more moderate flow might get by with 8-10. There are even some folks who decide to wash their pads every day and have just 5 or 6! Whatever your preference, we would recommend having a few sizes to take you from a heavy to light flow.

What if it’s my/someone’s first period. Are cloth menstrual pads a good option?

Absolutely! Cloth menstrual pads are an amazing bridge to the world of menstruation. Instead of engaging with sterile, plasticky products, a new menstruator can choose from over 65 patterns in cozy, 100% cotton that reflect their positivity and playfulness. This introduction to menses will be unforgettable for all the right reasons.

PiMP cloth menstrual pads are awesome, but what else do they make?

We are so glad you asked. Party in My Pants might be our name (and a memorable one at that), but we have a lots of quality products that deserve a shout-out.

Our Honeysuckles are nursing pads made with the same love and attention to detail as our cloth menstrual pads. Wear them with the velvety fleece side closest to your skin and never fear spontaneous leaks again! Did you know they also double as makeup removers and coasters?

Kangalu Jumpers are versatile cotton jumpers that can be worn on their own or with leggings or tights. The sizes range from 6-9 months all the way to a child’s XL that could fit a small adult!

Going on a trip? Never fear! Carry your pads around in one of our multipurpose Totes. They are also perfect for makeup, school, and other small accessories.

And if you haven’t been using our Beauty Sleepers, you’ve been missing out! Cover your peepers in lush fleece to block out all rays and sink into deeper sleep. They are great for travelers, nappers, and anyone who doesn’t like their slumber disrupted.  

Finally, no bundle, or kit, is complete without a bag of Her Moon Time Tea. Make this nourishing and expertly-blended tea part of your monthly ritual. 

We are always happy to make suggestions if you need help deciding. We love to hear from you. And check back often for new fabric and products!  

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