A bit of cloth and a lot of love: The Creation of PIMP Pads


Production Room complete with 7 industrial sewing machines, walls of threads, a quilting machine and cutting table.

The clicks and clanks of our industrial sewing machines wind throughout the old schoolhouse PIMP calls home. Our production team is hard at work creating our beautiful pads from scratch. They spend hours cutting, sewing, snipping and flipping pads nearly every day of the week to keep up with the constant stream of orders and donations. There’s quite a few steps in making PIMP pads and every one is important for a lush and beautiful finished product.

Jeremy cutting new fabric into pad faces.

About once of month we receive deliveries of fun patterned flannel and cotton fabric, enormous rolls of our birds-eye diaper cloth or our precut waterproofing fabric. Jeremy is our Fabric Cutting Master! He lays out the fabric on one of our big cutting tables and spends hours transforming it into pad faces or strips for the inside of pads.

Once the pieces are the correct size our production team begins to sew the pieces together. All of our pads and liners have at least one layer of super absorbent birds-eye cotton. Our Super, Super Overnight and Queens pads also contain a piece of fleece, making them our most absorbent sizes!

We call this step quilting: it combines the inner cotton fabric with the patterned fabric on top.

The pads-to-be are sewn inside out and then flipped so the pattern can be seen. After they are flipped we sew the around the outer edge of the pad. This sewing step is called top-stitching. It keeps the pads from billowing and makes them stronger while also allowing us to attach size tags.

The final steps happen in our shipping room where music and the wee chirps of our shipping label makers will fill your ears. When pads arrive here we begin by freeing them of any unwanted threads in our cozy snipping corner. They then make their way to our snapping station.

The shipping room is home to our finished pads, bags and honeysuckles, and to our wholesale stock.

Our snapping machine is bright blue and emits a healthy CLUNK! with every snap placement (it’s also quite a good leg workout!). The finished pads are then counted and placed in their spot on our inventory shelves.

A well stocked shelf!

Our pads would not be complete without a loving place to call home! We ship across the US and have customers in Australia, Singapore, Italy and many other countries. It makes our hearts happy to create products that brighten peoples’ days and make their periods a little easier.

Getting orders ready to be shipped out!

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