Eight OTHER Uses for Cloth Pads That May Surprise You

Many people who switch to reusable cotton pads find that they end up using them throughout the month too, for all sorts of reasons! Our cloth pads and liners are great sidekicks for whatever you’ve got going on, keeping you covered, comfortable, and confident! Mild bladder leakage  Many people use our washable cloth pads forContinue reading “Eight OTHER Uses for Cloth Pads That May Surprise You”

Top 6 Mental Health Benefits of Using Cloth Pads

Switching to reusable cloth pads for your menstrual health care creates SO many positive ripple effects! You may be surprised to learn that it’s not your just physical health and well-being that will benefit from this thoughtful choice… there are plenty of positive impacts on your mental health and emotional wellness, as well! Continue readingContinue reading “Top 6 Mental Health Benefits of Using Cloth Pads”

How to Wash and Dry Your Cloth Pads

Laundering your cloth pads is as easy as 1, 2… well actually, that’s it! Wash your reusable cloth menstrual pads just like regular laundry, and then dry them just like regular laundry (minus any super-hot washer/dryer temps)… that’s really all it takes! Anyone who knows how to wash their clothing already knows how to washContinue reading “How to Wash and Dry Your Cloth Pads”

Sewing with Passion and Purpose: The Origin of Party in My Pants Cloth Pads

The whir of sewing machines fills the air in Luci Daum’s workshop at the old Wilmarth School in Ashland, WI. They’re pumping out a variety of hand-sewn goods for Luci Daum Design and Party in My Pants cloth pads, a company that emphasizes being both environmentally friendly and fun. Growing up in the 70’s, LuciContinue reading “Sewing with Passion and Purpose: The Origin of Party in My Pants Cloth Pads”

An Interview with Liz: Party in My Pants Media Manager and Cloth Pad Enthusiast

What’s the origin story of Party In My Pants? Luci Daum started sewing at the age of 3, and she’s made everything from a skunk costume to a wedding dress! She experienced years of discomfort and stress with disposable period products, and one day, she decided to try sewing her own! She started giving theseContinue reading “An Interview with Liz: Party in My Pants Media Manager and Cloth Pad Enthusiast”

Handmade with Love: A Peek Into How Our Pads are Made

On any given day, the clicks and clanks of our sewing machines echo through the halls of our studio- a brownstone school building originally built in the 1880s. Our production team is hard at work creating our beautiful cloth pads from scratch- every step happens here! They spend hours cutting, sewing, snipping threads, and snappingContinue reading “Handmade with Love: A Peek Into How Our Pads are Made”

Our Efforts to End Period Poverty

Period poverty: the lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education, toilets, hand washing facilities and/or waste management. Any person who menstruates knows that menstrual products are essential! The lack of access to menstrual products, running water, and waste management makes periods extremely difficult for people all over the world, forcing them miss workContinue reading “Our Efforts to End Period Poverty”

Nine (of the many!) Benefits of Cloth Menstrual Pads

Need some convincing about why cloth pads are the best? We’ve got you covered. Often, people tend to focus on the less pleasant parts of our menstrual cycles. But a period can also be a reminder to slow down and honor our bodies, and help us tune in to the natural cycles within us. OneContinue reading “Nine (of the many!) Benefits of Cloth Menstrual Pads”